I have picked up yet another hobby. Above is some of my best work to date, resin dominos for Jarris.

Xmas Album

Jack and I made a Christmas album for everyone to spread holiday cheer! Although you may not be able to spend this holiday season with your loved ones you can listen to the album, Christmas Music, here. Happy Holidays :)


Sometimes you just love what you are creating so much that, in the words of my dear friend Brittaney Martell, “My heart is just eating up my art!”

gracelord turtle graphics 

In July I was spending my hot summer days social distancing in my air conditioned bedroom. During that time I was watching Python videos on the internet and doing my best to code. This is when I discovered how cool the  Turtle Graphics library is in Python, and so I made this video to showcase my first Turtle Graphics project :)


SO, I saw The Matrix for the first time just a few weeks ago... I know I am totally late on this, but now I get it. I get everything. Neo is a legend and we are all living in a simulation. My favorite part is when Mouse talks about how everything tastes like chicken. 10/10 would recommend this movie!!!!!

Hire Oliver

My really great friend Oliver is a PhD Mathematics student and is looking to make a few extra $$$$ outside of his studies. He is a genius and I made him this flyer, so hire him as your tutor before it’s too late!

Grandma Ginny’s banana bread

Alright, here it is people. My grandma Ginny’s famous banana bread recipe. Make it. I swear you’ll love it.